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Cocamide Methyl MEA (CMMEA)

This product is the amidation product of coconut oil and methylethanolamine. It is a new type of non-ionic surfactant with excellent thickening properties. It does not contain diethanolamine and nitrosamine which are restricted by the European Union. Widely used in detergent, shampoo and other daily chemical products.
Product features
1.In AES/AOS/ alcohol ether system or AES/ sulfonic acid/alcohol ether system, as well as a variety of liquid washing products containing alcohol ether components, show excellent thickening properties;
2.Has good frost resistance, the product above zero degree is not cloudy, not solidified, for the liquid;
3.Compared with the traditional 6501 and CMEA, it has more excellent performance of thickening, foaming and stabilizing foam.
Technical indicators

Main indicators

Parameter values


Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Petroleum ether solution %


Amine value(mgKOH/g)


PH value(10g/L, 10% ethanol solution)


Usage and dosage
This product is widely used in washing liquid products such as laundry detergent, shampoo and shower gel, especially recommended for washing liquid products which are difficult to be thickened. It is also used as emulsifier and preservative in tertiary oil recovery and metal processing.
Recommended dosage: 2-10%
200kg plastic drum or IBC ton drum

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